Photo credit: Anita Krajnc

Solemn pig with Mother Earth eyes in a transport truck waiting at a set of lights at a busy intersection at Lake Shore and Strachan. Photo taken during Toronto Pig Save vigil by: Anita Krajnc (Dec. 31, 2012)

This photo was taken at a Toronto Pig Save vigil on December 31, 2012 on a traffic island dubbed “Pig Island” at Lake Shore and Strachan.

Louise Jorgensen, a member of Toronto Pig Save, writes: “Look into the eye of this beautiful pig (who is just moments away from Quality Meat Packers slaughterhouse in Toronto where 7,000 lives are violently stolen daily). This could be the eye of our child, our parent, our best friend. How is she any different than we are? Why do we dismiss the importance of her life, yet guard our own with ferocity? What do you think that she is thinking at this moment? Is she asking why?
Please join us to make 2013 the year of change and shift in compassion.”
Join our facebook group for further information, event dates and learn how to start a farmed animal save group in your city. Together, let’s create a mass movement towards a vegan world…. for her, for us, for our planet.


Reem Lajin cried all night when she saw the photo of the pig with Mother Earth eyes from a Toronto Pig Save vigil on New Year’s eve. She got a tattoo made in memory of her and in her efforts to fight for 269 and all the other animals with numbers… they have names for us, as we end the atrocities by going vegan and rescue animals to farm sanctuaries.

Holiday Vegan BLT Giveaway on December 18, 2013. Photos by Jo-Anne McArthur, WeAnimals