This page will assemble neighbourhood issues arising during our community organizing approach in our  Quality Meat Packers campaign. Key issues to date are smell and noise pollution and concerns about animal welfare and protection, especially during the transport and unloading of pigs at 677 Wellington St. W.


Katie Daubs, “Toronto’s diverse neighbours live in harmony,” Toronto Star, Aug. 2, 2010.

The article contains interviews Ms. Karlie Cowie,  who is not deaf and blind to the pig’s suffering. Karlie works on Niagara Street and says she became vegetarian after she started working in the neighbourhood:

“When you see the squealing pig trucks come in, and hear the low moan of the refrigerator trucks leaving, it’s all too real. It’s good you can see it, because it is so easy to be removed.”

However, the Toronto Star article, for the most part, trivializes and makes light of the plight of pigs and the concerns of the community. The article also quotes Sheldon Garfinkle, vice president of finance at Quality Meat Packers, as claiming that there are a number of vegetarians on staff at the slaughterhouse and that slaughterhouse has “a very good relationship with the Niagara Neighbourhood Association and other neighbours.” Our community organizing in the neighbourhood suggests otherwise in terms of concerns about smell and noise pollution and basic animal welfare and protection concerns.

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