The Save Movement

The Save Movement

Sister groups in Ontario

Toronto Chicken Save

Toronto Cow Save

Toronto Pig Save

Brampton Chicken Save

Durham Region Farmed Animal Save

Golden Horseshoe Farmed Animal Save

Guelph Cow Save

Guelph Rat Save

Hamilton Burlingon Pig Save

Niagara Animal Save

London Chicken Save

Waterloo Wellington Animal Save

Windsor Pig Save

In the rest of Canada:

Brandon Pig Save (Manitoba)

Manitoba Pig Save

Sauvons les cochons/Save the pigs – Montreal (Quebec)


Melbourne Chicken Save

Melbourne Pig Save

Perth Pig Save


Sao Paolo Animal Save

United States:

Huron Turkey Save (North Dakota)

Indiana Pig Save

New Jersey Farm Animal Save

New York Farm Animal Save

North Carolina Farmed Animal Save

Pennsylvania Animal Save

Sonoma County Chicken Save (California)


Similar groups bearing witness

Animal Angels (Germany)

Aurora’s Animal Rights & Veg group

Essex Animal Defenders (protesting Cheale Meats slaughterhouse)

Eyes on Animals (*see their revealing video on carbon dioxide gas chambers for pigs; these are used at “Quality Meat Packers”, “Fearman’s” and “Conestoga Meat Packers” in Ontario)

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort

Liberation BC (Vancouver)

Other animal rights groups:

Ark II: the Animal Rights Kollective, CALM Action, Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, Canadians For Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals (CEFTA), Compassion in World Farming, Farmkind, Green VegansLiberty Over Violence, Mercy for Animals-CanadaMercy for Chickens, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)Pigs at Risk (a joint website launched by the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals (CCFA) and Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals, CETFA), Post Punk Kitchen, Toronto Vegetarian Association, United Poultry Concerns, Uproar’s Pig Rescue, Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns (VARC), Vegan Outreach Canada

Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Animal Acres, Catskill Animal Sanctuary (New York), Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary (near Stratford, Ontario), The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, Farm Sanctuary, Happily Ever Esther Farm SanctuaryHope Haven Farm Sanctuary, Indraloka Farm Sanctuary (Pennsylvania), The Pig Preserve (Tennessee), Teja’s Animal Refuge, Wishing Well Sanctuary,

Animal Rights Art, Photography and Films

Agnes Cseke (film-maker), Angie Carreiro (animal rights illustrator), Culture & Animals Foundation, Caitlin Black (graphic novelist) Centre for the Study of Political Graphics, Decipher FilmsIven Simonetti, Jo-Anne McArthur/WeAnimals, Julie O’Neill/Photography for a Compassionate World, Michael Sizer’s Cow Save: The Movie, Pig Save FilmsSue Coe (‘graphic witness’), Justice for Animals Arts Guild, Liz Marshall/The Ghosts in Our Machine

Animal Rights Media

Animal VoicesFreedom of Species also Podcast via the 3CR website and iTunes