Downloadable Toronto Pig Save Posters

The following posters were created by Louise Jorgensen for Toronto Pig Save. They are free to use for non-profit, animals rights promotion only. (Why Love One theme based on the amazing TTC campaign created by Kimberly Carroll, Lisa Kramer with posters designed by Helen Prancic.)

  • Click the thumbnails below to download larger image for web use.
  • For high resolution poster for print (20 x 30″, 24 x 36″ dimension or other size in those proportions), use the text link below the thumbnail.
Download for print Download for print Why Love Dogs but Eat Pigs?Download for print Why Love Dogs but Now Cows?Download for print
7000 Baby Pigs Killed Daily at Quality Meat Packers in TorontoDownload for print Honk to Show Mercy for Pigs going to Quality Meat PackersDownload for print Why Eat Chicken?Download for print Download for print
Pigs are IntelligentDownload for print Pigs are IntelligentDownload for print

“Sentience” posters by Sau Wai tai. Sau Wai is an environmental installation artist; she designed these posters after bearing witness of transport trucks carrying frightened pigs on August 10, 2011 at a Toronto Pig Save protest. Sau Wai can be reached at * CLICK TO ENLARGE POSTERS *

Download Toronto Pig Save brochure designed by Louise Jorgensen here: Outside  | Inside

Art placards created by Caitlin Black for Toronto Pig Save.

Dirk Giesselmann is a German, vegan, multimedia artist and documentarian, born in 1974. In 1992 he became vegetarian for ethical reasons and in January 1997 he decided not to take part in the exploitation of non human animals any longer and became vegan. Avoiding nonvegan food and other ‘animal products’ was a first step, but it wasn’t enough. To acheive more important changes, he started to take photos and videos of so called ‘production animals’ — with permission and undercover as well. Dirk started a website-project called SOYLENT WEISS [Engl.: SOYLENT WHITE], created some multimedia flash-animations (for example and last, but not least, bundled his work on with lots of free photo-material, graphic artworks, texts, etc. to give facts clarification concerning the cruelty to non human animals and to promote non-harm and respect for our fellow creatures. Dirk says,

My aim is to inspire humanity to take care of all sensitive beings and to initiate compassion, which is required immediately to STOP discrimination, exploitation and mass killing around the world.

Below are a selection of his pig advocacy flyers, which he kindly translated from German to English for our campaign. * PLEASE click images to enlarge them.

“Animal victim” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

“Dreaming” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

“Milk-sucker” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

“Don’t tell me…” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

“When I grow up…” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

“Animal Jesus” by Dirk Giesselmann

“Bleeding chicks” by Dirk Giesselmann

“Do you like animals?” by Dirk Giesselmann

“Slave” by Dirk Giesselmann

“Anonymous consumer” flyer by Dirk Giesselmann

This was our flyer for the Veggie Dog giveaway on Labour Day in front of Quality Meat Packers on Sept. 5, 2011.