Toronto Pig Save & The Save Movement’s Weekly Updates – 22/01/18

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Dear friends,

Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at weekly vigils (please scroll down for vigil schedule)


Do you believe that it is acceptable for animals to have their throats slit in front of each other?

If not, please sign and share the petition: #ShutDownRydingRegency >>

Please see video by Vegan Gains using footage obtained by Len Goldberg, Chris McGinn and Toronto Cow Save activists.

The Toronto Star published the video in Linda Linda McQuaig’s article No more silence about the torture of animals.

This Wednesday!

Special vigil for the cows at Ryding-Regency slaughterhouse

LUSH Cosmetics UK will be joining the vigil to make a film about Toronto Pig Save. Please join us and invite your friends. Let’s have a huge presence for the cows and sheep in this cold weather.
We’re grateful to LUSH for all they do to raise awareness and to support activism.

RSVP: event page

Toronto Pig Save and Toronto Cow Save held a special double vigil on January 18 with Miguel Endara and Daniel, Fusion TV documentary filmmakers from Miami. Miguel is a Senior Producer/Director at Fusion, a TV and digital network aimed at a younger audience and created by Disney/ABC and Univision, based out of Miami, FL. He is working on a documentary that will be the first vegan/animal rights documentary for the network and is hoping that it shines more light on the rapidly growing animal rights movement.

Please watch as scared pigs arrive at Fearmans slaughter plant in very cold weather:

And as abused cows arrive at Ryding-Regency slaughter plant:

Thank you Miguel and Daniel, and everyone who joined us to bear witness.


Hi, I’m Lily the Mother Goat.

I’m grateful for our friends at We Animals. They work hard to help create a vegan world for all:
“The sheep, pigs, cows, horses, chickens and ducks cared for at farm sanctuaries show their human visitors just how loving, playful, stubborn and curious all animals can be. These animals aren’t just rescues, they are all ambassadors. Except for goats. Goats are too naughty!”

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Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by going vegan and becoming active.
Via Milk Hurts:
Check out this highly informative video about the ways dairy farming is wreaking destruction on our environment. Dairy isn’t just harmful to animals and to human health; it’s also harmful to the climate, to ecosystems and wildlife, and uses a massively disproportionate amount of our shared and finite natural resources.

Watch Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret and What The Health.




Montreal Animal Save held their first vigil on January 16 at Marvid “Poultry” slaughter plant. They report:
“On this winter day when the temperature was -16 degrees Celsius, we could see the warmth of the little bodies still warm through the roofs of the trucks, heading to the floors of death. Still alive before their blood flows, by the thousands just this day. In Montreal, in the cold indifference of our speciesist system. Thanks to the brave and courageous activists for braving the cold and for joining the first chapter of a great adventure, which hopefully will make a difference.”

KW Animal Save and London Pig Save held a Simcoe courthouse vigil on January 18 for the 1,500 pigs who died in one of the biggest cases of animal cruelty in Canadian history.
On February 17th, 2017, the OSPCA went to a farm in Langton owned by Benjamin Stein. Over 1,500 pigs were found in a flooded barn, buried in manure, and with no access to food. Nearly 1,300 pigs were already dead and 250 more were euthanized at the farm.
As reported by the Simcoe Reformer newspaper, Farmer pleads guilty to animal cruelty:
“Inspectors were confronted with a hellish scene when they entered a finishing barn. A total of 1,265 pigs were found dead, many of them victims of starvation and neglect.”
Emaciated pigs “that were still alive looked sickly. Some survived by eating the carcasses of the dead hogs around them.”
KW Animal Save activist Mo Markham stated the moral position in the article:
“We want to help people understand what happens when you treat animals as property,” she said. “We wanted to be here today as a voice for the animals.”
The case and vigil received received further news coverage:
“Organizer Mo Markham says we need to remember that this isn’t about a man who had some pigs die on his property, it’s about 1500 lives lost.”

London Ontario Fur Animal Save held their first vigil on January 21 at the dog park at Greenway Park to educate the public about fur and veganism.
“Thanks to the team of activists who joined us for our first outreach event today!”



Mar del Plata Animal Save held their first vigil on January 21 at Frigorífico Industrial Mar del Plata slaughter plant. They report:
“Today was our first vigil. A mix of awful feelings, we were waiting for 4 hours, showing our signs on Route 2 and no truck arrived. We were joined by the Buenos Aires Animal Save team who came to support us, and when we had lost all hope, when we were already rescheduling a new vigil, a single truck arrived, the only one we saw.
How lucky we were to meet people who are so committed to animals! Although it is very sad to know that the animals that arrived will die tomorrow, this strengthens our commitment even more to show the reality they live, to witness their arrival at the end.
We will continue on this path fighting for all of them, until the last cage is empty! Thank you all for your support!”



Melbourne Cow Save and Melbourne Sheep Save held a joint event on January 17. They report:
“Melbourne Cow Save and Melbourne Sheep Save held their latest City Vigil. It was over 30 degrees and super sunny with high UV and around 25 activists came out to Bear Witness along the truck route through the city.
We witnessed 3 sheep trucks and 6 cow trucks in less than 3 hours, and distributed lots of information to the general public who were on their way to the Australian Open (tennis tournament).
The very last sheep truck we witnessed had a sheep with her head sticking out in an awkward position. We weren’t able to get over the road to help him and a young woman walked past at this exact time and burst into tears because of what she saw. We learnt she was vegan and was heading home from work at the Australian Open and she was so kind and supported what we were doing.We also witnessed a heartbreaking scene of a cow urinating on the head of another one in the truck
Thank you so much to all the activists today that braved the sun and were able to get these beautiful darlings’ faces out there into the world so they are never forgotten.”

Melbourne Chicken Save held a vigil on January 16 for the chickens hurt and killed by the transport truck crash that occurred on January 15. They report:
“In response to the horrific chicken transport truck crash at Geelong on Monday, where 1,000s of chicken were maimed or killed and the company, Turi Foods, would not agree to release any of the chickens into our care, Melbourne Chicken Save held a traffic light vigil on Tuesday night at the La Ionica slaughterhouse in Thomastown. We had a good response from the public and handed out lots of information. To avoid us documenting the chickens on the trucks, some ran red lights, exceeded the speed limit and were rerouted through back streets.”



Welcome The Save Movement Tauranga. Find them on Facebook.



Save Movement The Netherlands held a vigil on January 15 for the cows and sheep at the Wouters slaughter plant in De Hoef. Activist Wike Seekles reports:
“We went to the slaughterhouse in De Hoef this morning, where cows and sheep are slaughtered. A surreal experience: A truck with frightened cows is coming onto the grounds; the truck stops and we open the tiny shutters to take pictures and say something to them. We only see the legs of cows in this truck. As I talk, one of the cows looks down; that gaze touches everything – that’s exactly what it’s all about. I break down. This beautiful, sweet and sensitive animal has arrived at her final station. She goes inside, is chopped into pieces and then comes out again in crates. The crates with the waste remains of her predecessors are around us. I feel a sense of loneliness, it feels so unfair that the majority of people do not see that this is totally unnecessary. Fortunately I find support and comfort with the beautiful and sweet people with whom I am there. I hope that the group will continue to grow until it is no longer necessary and the slaughterhouses will be closed once and for all.”



Welcome Seoul Animal Save, the first Save group in South Korea, which becomes the 38th country to join The Save Movement. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

They already held their first vigil on January 20. Please watch and share:
“Korea’s very first vigil (turn sound on to hear screams). Where do you think so called ‘dairy cows’ end their lives?”



Welcome Burnley Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

They already held their first vigil on January 19, bearing witness to scared sheep:
“A half-filled truck came in this morning to the slaughterhouse in Dunnockshaw, which is currently under new ownership of Steven Riley. A very mouthy security with a dog told the activists he will ‘Smack your f****** head in’ and ‘Get cancer, b****’ which didn’t scare them off. Police were also called but never showed. Probably have more important things to do than attend to people not breaking the law. Was quite hard to get pictures, however got this snapshot as the truck came in. For future vigils we will be providing legal awareness so everyone knows their rights, as it seems they want to be quite difficult here.
Thank you to those who came.”

Welcome Portsmouth & Southsea Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Their first vigil is set for February 11 at Selsey Bill Fish Market: event page

Norwich Livestock Market Animal Save held their second vigil on January 13. They report:
“Despite the tense start, we were able to bear witness to the animals and document their stories. Yesterday was one of the biggest days of the year for the market, with 289 cows & calves being entered for the sale. All sold as commodities, to an uncertain fate at the hands of the highest bidder. Bearing witness to this volume of animals had its own difficulties, and certainly kept us on our toes! Thank you to all of the activists who came from all over to support us “

Liverpool Pig Save held a “Slaughter in the City” event on January 19 with special guest Joe Carbstrong. They report:
“Thank you so much to everyone who came today!! We rocked Liverpool!! We shined a light into the darkness, The public saw the beautiful faces of the victims of the animal agriculture industry. Hundreds of people now seen the individual pigs we bore witness to at our vigils. The public were very positive to our message and many people got emotional seeing the pig’s faces. We have definitely turned people vegan tonight and many others have had the seed planted that will grow!
It was so powerful to see over 60 vegan activists standing together. Let’s double our numbers for the next one! We will learn from this event, make it even better next time and have more ideas to bring an extra punch to the event.
Are you ready to veganize Liverpool in 2018 that will inspire the rest of the world!”



Los Angeles Animal Save continues to hold massive vigils at Farmer Johns slaughter plant. They report from their January 14 weekly night vigil:
“Another vigil with 150+ people bearing witness, including our friend Joaquin Phoenix. We are humbled by the incredible community who all work together to make these vigils a peaceful, loving environment for the pigs in their last moments. We will continue to grow and the world will take notice. Eventually we will fill the street there at that slaughterhouse with thousands of people who have awakened their hearts to include all animals. Join us. Get on the right side of history. Go vegan. Bear Witness. We are there every Sunday!” Photos by @chefitophoto

Las Vegas Animal Save report from their January 20 vigil at Highland “Poultry” slaughterhouse:
“Thank you to everyone who attended LV Animal Save’s second vigil. Photos from today have been uploaded to an album and ready for you to take as you please (and add photos if you’d like!) While a truck did not arrive as it appears a change has been made in Highland’s deliveries, attendees remained to represent the animals who are unnecessarily killed for food. We thank you all again for braving the cold, wind and slight rain for the animals who do not have the option to go back to a warm home.
The next event will be posted here, please stayed tuned and please go vegan (if you aren’t already).”



Save Movement Montevideo took to the streets on January 20 to engage with the public.



Toronto Pig Save has a firm commitment to hold at least three vigils or other vegan outreach events per week. We currently hold a Pig Save vigil in Burlington together with Cow Save and Chicken Save vigils in Toronto. We encourage everyone to attend a vigil. The more people who attend, the harder it is for society to ignore our protests of the abhorrent exploitation and cruelty to animals. Attending vigils is a daunting, traumatic, but empowering experience. Please join us. Scroll down for vigil schedule.

Weekly vigils and outreach with Toronto-area Saves

Tuesday, January 23, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm: Toronto Cow Save vigil at St. Helen’s ‘Meat’ Packers slaughter plant at 1 Glen Scarlett Road.
RSVP: event page

Wednesday, January 24, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: Special Toronto Cow Save vigil at Ryding Regency ‘Meat’ Packers slaughter plant at 70 Glen Scarlett Road.
RSVP: event page

Wednesday, January 24, 4 – 6 pm: Brampton Chicken Save Vigil & Outreach
RSVP: event page

• Thursday, January 25, 8 – 10 am: Toronto Pig Save Vigil in Burlington in front of Fearmans “Pork” Inc. slaughter plant at the corner of Harvester and Appleby Line (right by the Appleby GO train station).
RSVP: event page

• Friday, January 26, 7:30 – 9:30 am: Brampton Chicken Save Vigil & Outreach
RSVP: event page

• Saturday, January 27, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm: Toronto Fur Animal Save vigil at High Park
RSVP: event page

Leo Tolstoy defines the duty to bear witness as: “When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him.” – from A Calendar of Wisdom


For more information or to help and volunteer, please contact, 416-825-6080

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Toronto Pig Save started in December 2010, with a promise to the pigs of doing a minimum of three vigils and vegan outreach events each week, all year round. We bear witness as a community of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animal victims in slaughterhouse trucks. The animals want us to be present and, with the most pleading eyes, ask for our help when we see them through the portholes of transport trucks. Just as if we were in those horrid trucks, we would want the whole community to be there fighting for our freedom, liberation, rights, and equality. In a way, we are there. All life is one and, “when (wo)men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves,” Leo Tolstoy said in his animal rights story “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”. It’s our positive duty and obligation to act in the present to try to stop the most egregious injustices before us.
“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In six years, The Save Movement has grown to over 270 Save groups around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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