Toronto Pig Save & The Save Movement’s Weekly Updates – 06/11/17

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Dear friends,

Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at weekly vigils (please scroll down for vigil schedule)


All Day Vigil and Cube of Truth with James Aspey
On November 5 we held a vigil with special guests James Aspey and Marc Ching in Burlington and Toronto. Please watch videos:

Hundreds of people bearing witness at Fearmans slaughterhouse:

Activists stop the truck to bear witness:
Facebook video
And on the next day, hundreds of passersby see the message of animal liberation at the Cube of Truth in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square:
Facebook video

We Love Animals presents Babe – a free matinée at the Carlton Cinema.
November 26, 1 PM – 3 PM
RSVP: event page

Hi, I’m Lily the Mother Goat.

This is lucky Jon, living in sanctuary. No words needed: look at this cuteness!

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The Save Movement organizers Ananda Elora and Mariah Noelle set up at Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours on November 4 and 5:
“Hey everyone!! We’re at Festival Végane de Montréal 2017! We’re right across from the newly formed Montreal Animal Save.”
Welcome Montreal Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Ottawa Farmed Animal Save report from their vigil on November 2 at Ottawa Livestock Exchange:
“As usual there was a steady stream of trailers and transports of varying sizes and condition into and out of the property. They come from all over Eastern Ontario as well as Quebec.
Sad when we think many will visit this auction 2 times in their very short life…auctioned first to be fattened up for meat, and again when considered ready for slaughter.
We did get to talk to a few of the farmers and asked them to watch Called to Rescue and Cowspiracy. They seemed receptive. If you haven’t already please watch these two films as well.”


Adelaide Animal Save held their first vigil on October 30. They report:
“Tonight we bore witness to 5 slaughter-bound trucks containing broiler (meat) chickens as they arrived at Ingham’s slaughterhouse. We were blown away by the approximately 70 attendees, an impressive turnout for the first action of its kind in Adelaide. Throughout this 2-hour vigil negotiations with both police and the facility developed into an agreement of trucks stopping for 30 seconds to allow us to document, and witness the chickens’ final moments before entering the abattoir.”
Please watch as many activists stop trucks and bear witness:


Düsseldorf Animal Save report from their first vigil on October 30:
“Düsseldorf Animal Save had its very first vigil today morning and it went really well although we were not able to see the animals on the truck. The police was very happy with us and we hope that we can make an agreement with the slaughterhouse. Josephine Cronin Robinson and Jude Piper from Bristol Animal Save were a great help.”


Welcome Save Movement Honduras, the first Save group in the country. Find them on Facebook.
They’ve already held their first vigil. Please watch:


Welcome Zapopan GDL Animal Save, the second group in the Guadalajara metro area. Find them on Facebook.


Welcome Lisbon Animal Save, the first Save group in Portugal. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


Welcome Valencia Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


Welcome Uppsala Animal Save, the 7th Save group in Sweden. Find them on Facebook.


North East Animal Save held their latest vigil on November 6 at Linden Foods slaughter plant. They report:
“Today’s vigil saw 1 small trailer and 3 large trucks drive innocent young cows to slaughter.
– It was -4°c this morning, and they were no doubt driven for a long period of time in those cold metal boxes, before being sold and killed.
The trucks came in too fast for us to bear witness for long, but we still saw them, and we still connected with them as they pressed their soft noses out of the vents with a gentle curiosity during their last moments.
It doesn’t need to be this way – refuse to accept the killing and exploitation of innocent animals, by living vegan and joining us, as we normalize compassion and keep fighting for their liberation.”


Welcome three new U.S. groups!
Welcome Athens Animal Save (Georgia). Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Lehigh Valley Animal Save (Pennsylvania). Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Pullman, WA Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

Please watch Portland Animal Save‘s sad and horrifying footage: “You have a dead cow in the back of your truck.”
“What does the industry care? What does her suffering and death mean to them, except a loss of profit and a mess to clean up?”


Toronto Pig Save has a firm commitment to hold at least three vigils or other vegan outreach events per week. We currently hold a Pig Save vigil in Burlington together with Cow Save and Chicken Save vigils in Toronto. We encourage everyone to attend a vigil. The more people who attend, the harder it is for society to ignore our protests of the abhorrent exploitation and cruelty to animals. Attending vigils is a daunting, traumatic, but empowering experience. Please join us. Scroll down for vigil schedule.

Weekly vigils and outreach with Toronto-area Saves

• Tuesday, November 7, 7:30 – 11:30 am:  Toronto Slaughterhouses Exposed! at the corner of St. Clair and Keele7:30-9:30 am,  with Save Outreach Squad, followed by a Toronto Cow Save vigil 9:00-11:30 am at “St. Helen’s Meat Packers” slaughter plant at 1 Glen Scarlett Road.

• Thursday, November 9– 10 am:  Toronto Pig Save Vigil in Burlington in front of Fearmans “Pork” Inc. slaughter plant at the corner of Harvester and Appleby Line (right by the Appleby GO train station).
RSVPevent page

• Thursday, November 97:30 – 10 pm:  Toronto Chicken Save Vigil at Maple Leaf “Foods” Inc. slaughter plant at 100 Ethel Ave.
RSVPevent page

• Friday, November 107:45 – 10 pm:  Toronto Fish Save: Causing Treble at Ripley’s Aquarium: A Protest
RSVPevent page

• Monday, November 135:30 – 6:30 pm: KW Animal Save’s Pig Vigil at Conestoga Meat Packers
RSVPevent page

Leo Tolstoy defines the duty to bear witness as: “When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him.”      – from A Calendar of Wisdom


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Toronto Pig Save started in December 2010, with a promise to the pigs of doing a minimum of three vigils and vegan outreach events each week, all year round. We bear witness as a community of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animal victims in slaughterhouse trucks. The animals want us to be present and, with the most pleading eyes, ask for our help when we see them through the portholes of transport trucks. Just as if we were in those horrid trucks, we would want the whole community to be there fighting for our freedom, liberation, rights, and equality. In a way, we are there. All life is one and, “when (wo)men wish to harm others, they really do evil to themselves,” Leo Tolstoy said in his animal rights story “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”. It’s our positive duty and obligation to act in the present to try to stop the most egregious injustices before us.
“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to her who suffers, and try to help her.” – Leo Tolstoy
In six years, The Save Movement has grown to over 100 Save groups around the world. Our dream is to have regular vigils at every slaughter plant worldwide. We regularly give seed money to new Save groups and require funds for literature, posters, subway ad campaigns ( and vegan outreach events.
Make animal liberation your priority in life! Think of 10 kind things you can do each day and encourage your friends to do the same! Join us and participate in our weekly vigils, start a Save group in your community, and be a regular donor.


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