Toronto Pig Save & The Save Movement’s Weekly Updates – 26/2/17

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Pig Trial Courthouse Vigil for Anita Krajnc
Please join us in support of the right of pigs to be treated as individuals, not property! Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc trial continues on March 9th with defense lawyers James Silver and Gary Grill presenting closing arguments. Anita was charged with criminal mischief and interference with property in connection with an incident on June 22nd, 2015, at a vigil in Burlington. Come to be the voice for the millions of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals that needlessly suffer and are killed each day!
A simultaneous slaughterhouse vigil will take place at Fearman’s pig slaughterhouse, 10 minutes’ drive from the courthouse.
8:00 am: Vigil at Fearman’s slaughter plant at the corner of Harvester Road and Appleby Line (821 Appleby Line, Burlington)
9:00-10:00 am: Vigil at the Burlington courthouse at 2051 Plains Rd E, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 5A5
10:00 am: Concluding arguments

RSVP: FB event page

Please join PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk and other like-minded guests in Toronto forUnstoppable, an inspiring and moving presentation. The work of Toronto Pig Save will be recognized at this event.  A reception with light refreshments will follow the presentation.
Join PETA to help raise funds, celebrate their work, and have fun — all to aid animals in 2017. And bring a friend!
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Please join us on the Women’s March to Fearman’s pig slaughter plant in Burlington on March 11, 11 AM – 3 PM.
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Hi, I’m Lily the Mother Goat. I’ll forever be grateful to the wonderful humans who rescued me from slaughter, such as Jenny McQueen. Please follow/like myInstagram and Facebook pages.

Climate Vegan‘s core message is: Help save the planet by by going vegan and saving animals.
With the Earth’s population expected to grow from 7.5 billion currently to 9 billion in 2050, this needs urgent consideration”
“The top box is how much land it takes to feed a vegan, the middle is the amount of land it takes to feed a vegetarian, and the bottom is to feed an omnivore. In the same amount of land it takes to produce 375lbs of meat, we can easily produce 37,000lbs of vegetables.”
Have you got your Climate Vegan t-shirt yet? We have two designs to choose from in both female and unisex style.
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Windsor Pig Save is now Windsor-Detroit Farm Animal Save. Their next event is on March 24: FB event page.



At the weekly Toronto Pig Save vigil outside Fearman’s “Pork” slaughter plant, activists look into the eyes of young innocent pigs and witness their misery, fear, despair – but more importantly, they also offer a moment of affection, a quick “I love you,” to let them know that they don’t deserve this, that they matter. Please watch video from the vigil.

Halifax Ad Campaign

Help us put  informative, creative, and thought-provoking vegan ad posters in Halifax, Nova Scotia! We are at 63% of our goal.

Halifax ferry riders will come face-to-face with the question, “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” This question challenges people to think about their daily food choices, utilizing the powerful tool of cognitive dissonance by highlighting the similarities between animals we call “friend” and those we call “food”.  Canadian food industry facts and figures will feature prominently in the campaign.

Donate at


Bienvenida, Bogota! Welcome, Save Movement Bogota. Their mission is to bring awareness about animals going to slaughter and help the public learn about this hidden and institutionalized violent system.


Bienvenida, Lima! Welcome, Save Movement Lima. Anita Krajnc wrote:

“A few weeks ago, we mentioned we were looking for people to help set up Saves in Latin America and elsewhere. Karol Marocho is working on this project (along with Taty Melo, Alejandra Phillion and others) and has helped work with two new groups: Save Movement Lima and Save Movement Bogota. Karol herself is originally from Peru. Welcome Paola Ibarra and Fabian Pinto. Thank you for starting a Save in Peru and for organizing with Direct Action Everywhere. Fabian Pinto designed the most beautiful logo. Please ‘like’ their group. Thank you for organizing in Peru and thanks Karol for stepping up on this project to expand The Save Movement in Latin America. Si se puede!


Swindon and Wiltshire Animal Save held their first vigil February 17 at F Drury & Sons slaughter plant in Wiltshire.



Welcome, Gloucestershire Animal Save. “We work to expose the cruelty behind the animal industries, focusing on 2 types of animals: cows and chickens. We will hold vigils for these animals by following their journey of transportation to the slaughterhouse.”

Their first vigil – for cows – is scheduled for April 4: FB event page.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Cleveland Farmed Animal Save had their first vigil on February 24 at Case Farms, a chicken facility in Canton, Ohio.  They report:

“We had a great turnout. Saw 7 trucks and were able to get close enough to one so that we could bear witness. We also had a photojournalism student who was able to take these great pictures. We were also incredibly lucky in that this slaughterhouse pulls their trucks into a weighing station before pulling into the facility, and the station is right up against a main road. One security guard wouldn’t let us walk on the road, saying it was private property, but the guard at the end told us that it was public and allowed us to walk right up to the truck while it was being weighed. We have already set up our event page for the vigil next month.”

Vigil for the Bull Named Courage

Animal rights activists in Queens, New York, held a vigil for a bull who escaped from a slaughter plant on February 21, but died the next day after being chased by police and animal “control” and being struck by multiple tranquilizer darts. After the bull’s death, activists called for a candlelit vigil outside the Aziz slaughter plant.

Photo by Ken Murray / NY Daily News


The vigil received extensive press coverage:

Animal rights activists hold solemn vigil for bull that died after its escape from Queens slaughterhouse

Animal rights activists hold vigil for runaway bull

Candlelight vigil held for bull who died after escaping Queens slaughterhouse

Welcome, Knoxville Farmed Animal Save. Their mission is to bear witness to animal suffering.

Their first vigil for pigs is scheduled for March 15: FB event page.

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