Toronto Pig Save Vigil – Jan 22, 2013

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To the man at the red light who held my gaze for what felt like hours: Thank you. Thank you for looking. Thank you for not intentionally choosing ignorance. Thank you for not scoffing and turning away like so many others. You gave me hope. And I really needed that today. You looked at me and you seemed confused. But you didn’t look away. Then you looked concerned. But you didn’t look away. Then you looked sad. And you continued to look into my eyes. I felt like we had finally come to an understanding, and I swear I saw you give the tiniest of nods. You understand now. You understand where your food comes from, and you understand that it’s wrong. Thank you for looking me in the eye for that minute that felt like an eternity. Thank you for looking. Thank you for seeing … read more

 – From The Thinking Herbivore’s Blog –

Attended the Toronto Pig Save vigil this morning and then went to the slaughterhouse on Wellington Street. In this freezing weather (in which we stood with our layers and thick boots, and we could barely stand it), the pigs are transported along highways with intense wind in semi-covered trucks. When we see them, they are despondent and many have scratches, cuts and injuries. Most have red extremities and frostbite from the cold. What’s more is that many trucks came in at once around 10am and were lined up to be unloaded at the slaughterhouse, so some of those pigs will endure another hour or two in the absolute freezing cold. Some of the activists gave them the water they had because we could see the pigs trying to lick at the frozen water around the openings. They were so thirsty! Not eating animals at all aside, no one should be transported in these temperatures. It’s just so inhumane!

 – Jo-Ann McArthur, WeAnimals –







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