Toronto Cow Save Vigil – Jan 16, 2014

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I didn’t know what I was about to witness today but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

We walked up to the large grey building when I was hit with the most overwhelming smell. I immediately felt nauseous and thought I was going to pass out. I thought about turning back towards the car but continued to walk forward. I was scared but knew I could leave and be safe at any moment, unlike those I was about to meet.

I turned the corner and felt the judgmental gazes of those who normalize violence on a daily basis. The violence covered their clothes and painted the plastic boots worn on their feet. They watched us in the comfort of their 15 minute break and told us that we were wasting our time, but in who’s eyes?

I stood there waiting. Waiting to see what I didn’t want to see. As the truck backed up, I felt numb. I couldn’t move. I was frozen in time. The truck stopped. I looked into the large metal container through small holes. I hesitated. I moved my gaze to the left and saw what I was dreading. Pain. Tears. Fear. Terror. All I could do was stand there. I couldn’t stop what was about to happen. In that moment, all my power was ripped from me. I was powerless. I couldn’t do anything. I stood there, looking into the most beautiful brown eyes, frozen in time, powerless. All I could do was say sorry.

The truck began to move towards the large grey building. His fate was sealed. I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was stand there with my thoughts and the image of an innocent, beautiful, caring, and loving creature etched into my memory.

Today I bore witness to how evil and selfish the world is. I looked into the eyes of a beautiful creature, who was in extreme pain, because of those who want what he has. I saw how violence is ignored and normalized. I saw a truck back up to a building and watched what use to be a beautiful, caring and loving creature drop into a truck on a conveyor belt thirty minutes later. I was laughed at and mocked by the perpetrators of horrendous, violent and selfish acts only one block away from a row of town homes and stores.

The violence was in the open, for everyone to see, yet it is ignored. No one wants to look but they want to reap the benefits. We all have the power to stop this yet we continue to take advantage of our privilege by oppressing the voiceless.

Today I made a promise to myself and the beautiful creature I locked eyes with. I will no longer have my back turned. I will no longer take advantage of my unearned privileges. I will no longer participate in the normalization of violence against animals.

–  Stephanie Duermeyer –

Toronto Cow Save Jan16

Witnessing mother cows going to slaughter – Jan 16
It was a difficult day… We saw mother cows in a transport truck going to “Ryding-Regency Meat Packers” slaughterhouse. It really is the saddest sight in the world! They were giants and I had hoped to see them unloaded b/e they are fragile giants after suffering so much abuse in their shortened lifetimes. Enslaved for 4 to 5 years, raped, their babies stolen, only so they can be “milk machines” for humans, who, in turn, get breast and prostate cancer from eating dairy! The madness of it all… it’s mainly a problem of ignorance… and that’s where each of us come in.

Toronto Cow Save Jan 16

Please come to a vigil…it makes spreading the vegan news a bigger priority because you see the gross injustice of it all first hand. Please tell everyone you know that a plant based vegan diet is by far the healthiest. Share the film Forks Over Knives. We all need to be daily activist to save these creatures and to stop our society from being full of animal abusers (which many of us were when we drank cow milk & cheese and ate meat thoughtlessly). Let’s do what we can to help make caring people expand their circle of knowledge and compassion. Attending vigils is transformative so please come and join us and bring friends and family (they don’t have to be veg to come). Everyone has a duty to bear witness and change the world for farmed animals and to support farm sanctuaries.


Today we have 7 people at the vigil, including a new person which Mandi Howard wonderfully introduced to Toronto Cow Save. Stephanie Duermeyer came out for the first time and wrote a moving blog. She concludes, in a way that would make the cows she bore witness too, glad she was there for them and will fight for their brothers and sisters: “Today I made a promise to myself and the beautiful creature I locked eyes with. I will no longer have my back turned. I will no longer take advantage of my unearned privileges. I will no longer participate in the normalization of violence against animals.”

Thank you for attending today’s vigil Rosey G-w, Mandi, Stephanie, Kate A, Iván Camilo Sp and Agnes Cseke (though attending at an earlier time)

Please join our weekly vigils… it’ll change the world for our animal friends.

– Anita Krajnc – 

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